About Me

Here’s a list of things about me!

  1. I’m 12 years old
  2. I have 2 twin brothers and a twin sister, and we are home-schooled
  3. My favorite animals are dogs, horses, and cows
  4. I love to ride horses (western)
  5. I love music and to sing, and I am learning how to play the guitar
  6. I have about 800 favorite songs, but here are four of my all-time favorites: “Gold” (by Britt Nicole), “God Made Girls,” “Boyfriend,” (both by Raelynn), and “Girl in a Country Song” (by Maddie and Tae)
  7. I have two dogs, Jack and Stella (Stella is Jack’s momma)
  8. My brothers have a cat (even though I think cats are annoying, we rescued her), named Star
  9. My first and middle names are: Kaylee Jordyn
  10. My first favorite sport is barrel racing, my second is soccer, my third is basketball, and my third is football
  11. My favorite colors are lime green, red, gold, turquoise, and teal
  12. My family moved to Texas in March, 2014 from Florida
  13. I had a horse in Florida, but we couldn’t bring her on the move, so I am soon getting one here in Texas
  14. My favorite foods are ice cream, fish, and baked potatoes
  15. I am Christian

Stay tuned for lots of fun stuff!

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xoxo, Kaylee 😉


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