I Am a Reader

I am a reader. A reader isn’t someone who just likes to read, but someone who feels such a strong attachment to a book or characters in a book that we feel as if we are literally living the story with them. Our whole life is changed by a good story, and until we finish it, we can’t think of anything else. We feel whatever emotions the characters feel, but 10 times stronger. You can’t choose to be a reader, you have to be lucky enough to be born with the gift. Some say it’s a good thing. But when you live hundreds of people’s lives through text on a page, it screws with our emotions so much that we really don’t know who we are anymore. A reader has the best insights on life, and the wisdom to go with it. I am a reader.

Please comment if you are a reader, too! I would love to hear from y’all! And make sure to like and/or FOLLOW!!!

xoxo, Kaylee šŸ™‚


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