Holiday Busy-ness, Posting Trouble, December Faves, and CHRISTMAS!!!

Okay, so first of all, I’m really really, realllly tardy on this post. But I’m going with the “fashionably late” excuse on this one. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. For now, anyway.

Second of all, I have started two posts before this one and they both were saved as drafts back in November, right after that “I Am a Reader” post, because I knew stuff would be super hectic during this time. I had one super long one that was different than this one. And it was pretty long and totally awesome. And the second was about the same thing as this one is. It was my back-up in case something happened to the first, or if I needed two posts instead of only one. So a couple of weeks ago I came on here to post one of those. Well, it turns out they have disappeared with absolutely NO trace whatsoever. Kinda like I never even wrote them–which I am completely and totally 100% certain that I did.

So, as you can imagine, I am very bummed out and super annoyed right now. Sorry in advance for lack of clever words like I usually have in my posts. And the words might not be very clear to you. I am very sorry for that. 🙂

And third of all, now that Thanksgiving is over, there’s some serious Christmas cheer goin’ on up in here! It’s been super busy for me and my family during the Thanksgiving/almost Christmas time with tree-gettin’ and decoratin’, decoratin’ the house, and of course Christmas shoppin’. I honestly can’t believe that there’s only less than 2 weeks till Christmas! So hopefully y’all’s Christmas tree is up and decorated, your “Elf on the Shelf” is flyin’ around and hidin’ for you every morning (my little brothers love this!), and all the Christmas shopping’s (almost) done…. And if it’s not, shop, shop, shop! (Which isn’t too hard, lol!)

But, I decided that I had to post SOMETHING, and asap, so here ya go. I decided on December faves. It’s great because it’s easy, quick, and not too long, but still fun. This might help y’all with your Christmas wish-lists or whatever if you are having trouble. Hope y’all like it!

Click on the bolded words to go to the links!

  1. I love this super cute necklace from Aero.
  2. This bag from the Junk Gypsies is so great.
  3. All the jewelry at Icing by Claires is awesome.
  4. But I esp. like this ring from there.
  5. I love these boots from Payless! There are on super-sale right now making them only $26.99!
  6. This bedding set at Walmart (also the same one at JCPenny for much more money) is really cute.
  7. This one’s even cuter over at Aero!
  8. Of course you need your winter hats, scarves, and gloves, so get the cool ones at Old Navy.
  9. Make sure to stock up on these $3.80 leggings at Forever 21, and they come in 12 colors!
  10. I love these “sneakers” from Aero, the black/white stripes, and the white/grey hearts.
  11. These 2 mocs a Junk Gypsy (1 and 2) rock!

Hope y’all liked this! Oh, and thanks to all my followers, I followed back! Don’t forget to like, follow, and comment! Sorry again for the posting issues! Please comment if there’s any faves that you have that you wanna to show me (anything like jewelry, a song, some shoes, room decor, clothing, nail polish, whatever!)

xoxo, Kaylee 😛


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