4 Christmas Outfit Ideas

Okay, so I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time. And since I have to do it before Christmas, here it is! I always have a teeny tiny bit of trouble when it comes to picking out outfits, (esp for important occasions, like Christmas) and it’s always been easier for me when everything’s right in front of me. That’s why I like shopping online more than in person. The only problem with that is that I have to wait for the things to come in the mail and also I can’t try them on…. But almost every time I actually go to the mall, I end up spending all my money and getting a bunch of shirts that don’t go with anything…. So yeah.

This took me a long time, so I hope you like it! Here is 4 full Christmas outfit ideas, from the hair to the shoes, and a ‘lil bit of jewelry, too!

Each outfit is completely made up by me unless otherwise stated (“Pretty Fancy” is the only one that wasn’t).

Click the bolded words for links to everything shown.


First Outfit, “Casual Chic”:



Pointelle Cardigan


Abalone Cove Pocket T-Shirt

Pocket T-Shirt

AEO Wear America Skinny Jean


AEO Elastic Back Riding Boot


AEO Shimmery Cable Knit Boot Sock

Boot Socks

Tassels Long-Strand Necklace - Aéropostale®


Everything is from:

Hair: Twist Me Pretty, Cardigan: Aeropostale, Pocket T-Shirt: Hollister Co, Jeans: American Eagle, Boots: American Eagle, Boot Socks: American Eagle Necklace: Aeropostale.


Second Outfit, “Pretty Fancy”:

Outfit Inspiration (this one wasn’t entirely made up by me)

Floral Stud Earring 6-Pack - Aéropostale®

Earrings (the black roses)

Ventura Beach Flannel Shirt


Metallic Flippy...


AEO Gold Bracelet Watch


Invite Only Bow...


Everything is from:

Earrings: Aeropostale, Shirt: Hollister Co, Skirt: Aeropostale Watch: American Eagle, Flats: Aeropostale

P.S. For this one, just straighten or curl your hair (and don’t forget about the red nails and lips!) and add a black hat and a pearl necklace if you want.


Third Outfit, “Red Rainbow”:

Bow Raglan Sweater


Skinny Destroyed Medium Wash Jean - Aéropostale®


Glitter Stone...


AEO Shimmery Cable Knit Boot Sock

Boot Socks

Women's Huntress Gloss Wellington Boots


Upward Lace Braid


Everything is from:

Sweater: Aeropostale, Jeans: Aeropostale, Earrings: Icing By Claires, Boot Socks: American Eagle, Boots: Hunter Boots, Hair: Cute Girls Hairstyles.

P.S. Definitely don’t forget the red lipstick for this one!


Fourth Outfit, “Southern Snow”:

by&by 3/4-Sleeve Embroidered Peasant Top


Hollister Black & White Patterned Leggings


Women's Tall Sherpa-Style Boots

Snow Boots

AEO Zig Zag Headband


14MM Pearl Stud...


Everything is from:

Tunic: JCPenny, Leggings: Hollister Co, Snow Boots: Old Navy, Headband: American Eagle, Earrings: Icing By Claires.

P.S. For a little holiday flair, you might want to wear red lipstick with this one. Before you put on the headband straighten or curl your hair.


I hope this help those of y’all who were having trouble! I think I’m gonna have to go and buy myself this stuff now, lol!

Don’t forget to follow, like, and comment which outfit is your fave (mine is either “Red Rainbow,” or “Southern Snow.”)

xoxo, Kaylee 😀


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