Six Favorite Songs of the Week

Okay, so you’re probably like, “Kaylee, it’s Monday. You can’t already have your favorite songs of the week.” But, really, I do! And, as y’all know, I love, love, love, music, so this wasn’t very hard. Read on for six awesome songs, that, if you haven’t heard, go check out!

  1. “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift
  2. “The Hanging Tree” This is track #15 on the album Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I don’t know who sings this, sorry.
  3. “Neon Light” by Blake Shelton
  4. “Best Day of My Life” by “American Authors”
  5. “Follow Your Arrow” by Kacy Musgraves
  6. “The Heart of Dixie” by Danielle Bradbery

Don’t forget to check these songs out! And remember to like, comment, and follow!

Love y’all (esp my followers!)

xoxo, Kaylee 😛


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