Hey y’all! Just wanted to give a little quick message…..

Okay, so yeah, it’s 2015! (haha I say it like it’s no big deal…. but, wait, WHAT?? It’s 2015??!! <— Is how I shoulda said it. Lol)

And I know it’s been 2015 for a whole day now. But it still kinda amazes me. 😀

But what?! Yeah, so it’s a new year.

So what?

New memories, new experiences, new trends, new friends, new mottos, new clothes, and, of course, new music. Basically, new EVERYTHING (well, almost everything…. 😛 ).

^^^^ That’s what!! And yep, I just had to add that little picture of the baby down there! It’s just too funny not to post!


So I just hope y’all have fun this year, ’cause I know I’m gonna! And, of course, this year will bring a whole lot of new blog posts! Yyyyaaayyy, right? And maybe (hopefully) some new followers? And maybe someone other than my sister will comment on my posts…..?

But I still love y’all!

xoxo, Kaylee 🙂

P.S. It’s Friday, and those songs I posted back on Monday (of last year, lol) are still my faves of the week. Told ya I could post my favorite songs of the week on Monday. So those of y’all who doubted me, F- for you and A+ for me!! Haha I’m just playin’

… I know ya think you’re fat. But I’m here to tell ya, every inch of ya is perfect from the bottom to the top!

–From “All about that Bass.” Sorry “I’m just playin'” made me think of that. 😀


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