Top 10 Valentine’s Day Crafts/Cute DIYs To Give As Gifts (from ShowMeCute and Martha Stewart)

So, for Valentine’s Day, you might be planning on just giving out your usual little “happy Valentine’s Day!” cards out to family and a few friends, right? But there’s so many other things that are so much more fun to make and give out! Personally, I know that I feel like I’m restricted to just making the normal cards, but that’s so boring! I mean, I know I’d love to get these things down there from somebody on V-day!

Here’s 10 videos and links to some supa-cute V-day crafts and DIYs!

Most of these are from an adorable DIY blog called, go check it out (she also has a YouTube channel called ShowMeCute)!

And guess what? There’s a video how-to in all the links on the Martha Stewart website, so you really can’t go wrong!


Sequin Heart Headband or Hairclip DIY:

This is just SO CUTEEEE!

Personalized Little Gift Bags DIY:

Stick some candy or other little treat in these bags, and you’re good to go!|/274866/valentines-day-crafts/@center/276967/valentines-day|961969

Crayon Hearts Window Decoration Craft:

This is such a cute and easy decoration! You’ll love it 🙂|/274866/valentines-day-crafts/@center/276967/valentines-day|272535

Stenciled Lips Pillowcase Craft:

I really love these pillowcases. They are just adorable.

Heart Shaped Soap DIY:

These soaps are so fun! Just wrap ’em up and send ’em away and your Valentine will love it!|/274866/valentines-day-crafts/@center/276967/valentines-day|266875

No Sew Lace Accent Sweatshirt DIY:

I really like this sweatshirt DIY! It can really be for any occasion, but it would be a cute gift to give to your sister or friend.

Heart Bookmark Craft:

These are really simple and easy to make, but just so cute to give to a bunch of people.|/274866/valentines-day-crafts/@center/276967/valentines-day|273705

Heart Stenciled Jeans DIY:

These jeans are adorable, especially for Valentine’s Day, and I think you’ll love them to wear or to make for a close friend or sister!

Confetti Candle DIY:

This can be for any occasion, but just imagine the look on your mom’s face if you gave this to her for Valentine’s Day!

Custom Phone Case DIY:

‘Cause who doesn’t want a new phone case on V-day? 😛


Hope y’all enjoyed and if this helps you, please like (and comment and follow!) 😀


Kaylee 😉


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Valentine’s Day Crafts/Cute DIYs To Give As Gifts (from ShowMeCute and Martha Stewart)

    • Yeah I agree with you. . . I always home-make the cards that I give out. I haven’t ever tried giving out actual gifts (besides candy), because there’s a lot of people that I have to give something to, though. I’ve found that most people just throw away the cards that you buy from Walmart or whatever, but they usually don’t throw away the ones that you make especially for them 😀

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