About this Blog

This website/blog is going to be devoted to all things fun. I’ll share all kinds of stuff, but here are some of the stuff that you might see here:

  1. Just random lists about me
  2. Some of my faves
  3. Pictures of me/my family/my pets
  4. An awesome song’s lyrics (definitely will be too many of these, on account of I love to sing and I love music)
  5. Something funny
  6. A cute hairstyle (my favorite hairstyles website is CuteGirlsHairstyles.com, go check it out! Also on YouTube at YouTube.com/CuteGirlsHairstyles)
  7. A great pair of shoes I just bought, or I am going to buy, or want to buy
  8. What I did for the day
  9. My new fave song (I have a new one like every week!)
  10. A cool DIY
  11. Some fun/inspirational quotes

Make sure to stay tuned for future articles and pictures!

Have a blessed day!

xoxo, Kaylee 😀


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